No matter what you ride

No matter where you ride

No matter how you ride

ABATE of Utah

is your voice in the Legislature

Why Join ABATE?

Because you need someone on your side when legislators meet on Capitol Hill in January. Whether it’s a bill banning motorcycles from certain Wasatch Front Canyons – like Emigration Canyon – severely limiting the kinds of modifications you can make on your bike  – such as environmental groups pushing for tighter controls on motorcycle exhaust to restrict them to factory-only specs – or law enforcement profiling of bikers – you need to know what’s going on.


And ABATE of Utah needs your support. Whether it’s attending a rally on Capitol Hill to fight an unjust law, or just calling or emailing your representative to let them know how you feel, we can’t do it without you. So please, join today. Add your voice to Utah’s only motorcycle rights organization, and ...

Let Those Who Ride Decide.

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'Tis the season to be jolly.
It's also the season just before the legislature meets to determine what you need or don't need as a motorcycle rider.
Consider giving an ABATE membership to someone you love. Check out our website, then contact the chapter you're interested in joining and give them a call, text, or email.

2021 National Motorcycle Profiling Survey

Motorcycle Profiling Explained


Briefly, “motorcycle profiling” refers to the practice of law enforcement officers stopping, or too closely following, a motorcycle rider or group of riders based upon factors unrelated to the safe and legal operation of a motorcycle. Examples of this might be stopping a rider because of the type of motorcycle being ridden, modifications to the bike, or the kinds of clothing a person might be wearing.


If you feel you’ve been profiled by law enforcement, we’d like to hear about it.

If You've Been Profiled Recently, Report it Here.

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Bills We Were Watching
And How They Fared

Photo from 2017 Anti-Profiling Rally

Utah State Capitol