2021 General Session of the 64th Legislature

Updated March 6 20, 2021

H.B. 160

Distracted Driving Bill


  Rep. Carol Spackman Moss

This bill amends provisions related to the use of a handheld wireless communication device while operating a motor vehicle.
Update - 2-19-2021
Update - 3-6-2021
H.B. 160 has moved to the House Government Operations Committee for further review.

3/5/2021 HB0160 filed.

Did not pass.

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SJR 012

Senate Joint Resolution Promoting

Awareness of Motorcycle Profiling


  Senator Todd D. Weiler

Update - 2-26-2021
Update - 3-6-2021
Resolution passed from Senate to House and receives its first House reading.
Promotes awareness of motorcycle profiling and encourages collaboration and communication between the motorcycle community and law enforcement officials to prevent motorcycle profiling.
SJR 012 is a Resolution, and not a Bill designed to become Law. While not perfect, ABATE of Utah considers this a good first step in the fight to prevent motorcycle profiling.

3/5/2021 Senate SJR012 filed.

Did not pass.

2020 Legislation

In Progress for Numbering

Motorcycle Anti-Profiling Amendment.


Rep. Todd Weiler

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S.J.R. 13

Joint Resolution Promoting Awareness of Motorcycle Profiling

Filed: Did not pass.

H.B. 127

Motorcycle Right-of-way Amendments


Rep. Dan Johnson

This bill is to modify the lane filtering law slightly giving the motorcycle the right-of-way after performing the movement. Basically, gives us a little more legal protection.

Filed: Did not pass.

Federal Level

House Resolution 255  Motorcycle Profiling


H.B. 151

Traffic Safety Amendments


Rep. Lee P. Perry

This bill establishes that a motorcycle or a motor-driven cycle is entitled to full use of a lane. An individual may not operate a motor vehicle in a manner that deprives a motorcycle or motor-driven cycle of the full use of a lane.