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No matter what you ride

No matter where you ride

No matter how you ride

ABATE of Utah

is your voice in the Legislature


Why Join ABATE?


Because you need someone on your side when legislators meet on Capitol Hill in January. Whether it’s a bill banning motorcycles from certain Wasatch Front Canyons – like Emigration Canyon – severely limiting the kinds of modifications you can make on your bike  – such as environmental groups pushing for tighter controls on motorcycle exhaust to restrict them to factory-only specs – or law enforcement profiling of bikers – you need to know what’s going on.


And ABATE of Utah needs your support. Whether it’s attending a rally on Capitol Hill to fight an unjust law, or just calling or emailing your representative to let them know how you feel, we can’t do it without you. So please, join today. Add your voice to Utah’s only motorcycle rights organization, and ...

Let Those Who Ride Decide.

Take a Look - Then Take a Second Look

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Bills We Are
For 2024
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Find Your Legislator


On the Legislature Home Page

go to the My Legislator tab on the

middle right and enter the address where you are registered to vote.

National Motorcycle Profiling Survey

Please take this simple, six question survey, whether you've been profiled or not.
No personal
information required.

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